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Magazines on your favorite device right from the Newfane Free Library’s website!

Enjoy the convenience of reading digital editions of your favorite magazines. Check out as many as you want—there are no holds or due dates. Find the stories you want to read, quickly and easily – there is no waiting, no check out periods and no overdue fees.

Read your magazines anytime, anywhere on your PC, Mac, or on your mobile device.

Create an account, Browse and Subscribe
Using your local library’s free Zinio magazine subscription service, you can create TWO accounts: a library Zinio account to view your library’s collection and a free Zinio.com account that enables you to read magazines online or by using the Zinio Reader App on a mobile device.

The following steps will guide you to create both accounts:
(NOTE: It is recommended that you use the same email and password for BOTH accounts)

Create a library Zinio Collection account to start browsing
1. Go to the library’s Zinio Web page and follow the link to create an account.
2. If prompted, enter your library card number or username and PIN. Click SUBMIT.
3. Enter the required information and click the CREATE ACCOUNT! Button (You will receive a “welcome” email as a confirmation).
4. Click the login link in the confirmation email or return to the library’s Zinio Web page and log in to start browsing the collection.

Create a free Zinio.com account to start reading
5. while browsing the library’s collection, click a cover to subscribe to a magazine
6. First-time users must enter an email address and password to create a free Zinio.com account. (After your first visit, use the SIGN IN HERE button).
7. Your Zinio account will display your library’s magazine subscriptions in the READ tab.

Install the Zinio Reader App
Visit your device’s app store to download and install the free Zinio Reader app. NOTE: the Zinio app reader is only used to read magazines. Browse and subscribe using a Web browser and your library Zinio account.

Reading Your Magazines
Follow these steps to read your magazines using your device’s browser of the Zinio Reader app:

Using the browser on your computer or smart device
After subscribing to a magazine, click the cover image to open it for reading.
Reading some magazines requires the Zinio Reader app. If your device is not app-compatible, those titles will not be available on your device.
Mobile devices with small screens may cause slow loading or prevent loading of content altogether. The mobile device availability status for all titles can be checked by clicking on the READ icon under YOUR READING LIST.

Using the Zinio Reader app on your computer or smart device
After subscribing to a magazine using a Web browser, open the Zinio Reader app and sign into your Zinio.com account. Find your magazine and start reading.

Checking out additional library collection magazines
Return to your library Zinio Collection account using your Web browser to check out additional magazines. NOTE: You cannot check out magazines using the Zinio Reader app.

Managing your account
Use the ACCOUNT SETTINGS area of your Zinio.com account to stop receiving unwanted sample magazines, emails from Zinio.com, or to block adult content.

Edit your collection to remove magazines on your computer and/or mobile device
Here’s how:
1. Connect to your Zinio.com account
2. Click READ at the top of the browser page.
3. Click EDIT YOUR READING LIST near the top of the screen.
4. Use the dropdown arrows to select the title of the subscription you want to cancel.
5. click the red X button to remove the issue, then click DONE.

Download a handy user guide from here!

Zinio reader app compatibility includes iOS (Apple®), Android™, Kindle Fire/Fire HD™, Windows 8, PC, Mac, and Blackberry® PlayBook

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