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eBooks and/or Audiobooks on your favorite device right from Newfane Free Library’s website!

Enjoy the convenience of reading digital editions or listening to the audio editions of your favorite books.  Download audiobooks, eBooks, even a small variety of music and videos!  Our books range from Kids & Teens to Adult fiction & non-fiction.  Browse our special collections including Business & Careers, Foreign Language Study, Health & Fitness, Historical Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Travel and so much more!

Read your eBook or listen to your audiobook anytime, anywhere on your PC, Mac, or on your mobile device.

Facts about borrowing eBooks:

*Books will be loaned for either a 7 day or 14 day period.  You decide which one is better for you.

*Your books will automatically be returned once the 7 or 14 day period is up, so there are no late fees!

*You can take out up to 5 books at a time.  You can return a book early if you wish, using Adobe Digital Editions, and your account will be cleared in a matter of minutes.

*Books can be renewed – The option to renew a title will appear on your bookshelf within 3 days of the title’s expiration date.

*Our “copies” of eBooks are limited (normally 1 copy of each), which means only 1 person can check out a book at a time.

*You can put a hold on a book if you’d like and you will be notified when it becomes available.  You will have 3 days to claim it, otherwise it goes to the next person on the list.

*To see if you have any books checked out, click on “My Account” on the Overdrive website (where you browsed for books).


How to download an eBook on a NOOK

  1. Download and Install Adobe Digital Editions as directed on the Digital Editions handout.  Go to www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/  and click “launch” to begin your download.  You will only have to do this once.
  2. To view our collection of books, go to www.NewfaneLibrary.org, and click on the “Download Audiobooks and Ebooks” icon or click here.You will be directed to the Nioga Overdrive website, where you will find our collection of books.  If you are prompted to enter your library card number, enter it and click “submit.” If not, you will be asked to enter it later on.
  3. Click on the “Digital Home” tab towards the top of the page in order to see a list of current, popular, and new titles.  From here you can browse or search for books.
  4. There are 2 ways to search for books: First, you can use the search box to search for either the title or author of the book you want.  Checking “only available copies” will limit your search to what has not been checked out.   Second, you can scroll down on the left hand side, and look under “ebook fiction” or nonfiction and pick a genre that interests you.  Clicking on a genre will show you a list of books that we offer.
  5. When looking for books to check out, you will want to look for to make sure it is available, and in the right format.  For the Nook, we want to look for Adobe EPUB eBooks as a format.  When we see Add to selections to the right of this, this means it is available to checkout.   If we have it, but someone has already checked it out, you will see “Place a Hold” instead of “add to selections.
  6. Click “Add to selections” in order to begin checking out that book.  After this, click on “Proceed to Checkout,” then “Confirm Check Out” to finalize.   If you want to choose a 7 day loan period, click the arrow next to “14 day checkout” and choose 7 days instead.
  7. Click “Download” and either save the file to your computer, or choose to “open with digital editions” if you are given the choice.  Once you’ve saved the file to your computer, double-click on the icon to open it in Adobe Digital Editions.Nook 8
  8. Your books will appear in the Digital Editions Library.  At this point you should plug in your Nook to the computer, using the USB cable provided.   Once it has loaded, you will see an icon for your Nook on the left hand side of the Digital Editions screen. To transfer your book to the Nook, simply click on the cover and drag it over the Nook icon!


How to download an eBook on a KINDLE Touch or Fire

  1. To view our collection of books, go to www.NewfaneLibrary.org, and click on the “Download Audiobooks and Ebooks” icon or click here.You will be directed to the Nioga Overdrive website, where you will find our collection of books.  If you are prompted to enter your library card number, enter it and click “submit.” If not, you will be asked to enter it later on.
  2. Browse or search for titles available in the Kindle Book format.
  3. Click Add to selections next to Kindle Book.
  4. Click Proceed to Checkout and click confirm checkout.
  5. Click, Get for Kindle this will bring you Amazon, where you will login to your account.
  6. Download from Your Kindle Library using Wi-Fi or USB cable*.
  7. For assistance from Amazon click here.

*Transferring content via USB:  Go to the Manage your Kindle page at www.amazon.com/manageyourkinlde and locate the title you wish to download.  Click the Actions button and select “Download & transfer via USB.”  Choose the Kindle from the drop down menu under “Which Kindle will you  transfer this to?”

 You may be prompted to open or save the file.  Select SAVE and choose the desktop.  Once it is saved to your computer connect your Kindle with the USB cord.  It will appear like and external USB drive.  Open the Kindle and find the documents folder.  Click and drag the file to this folder.  Safely eject from computer and your title should appear on your home screen.



How to download an eBook on iPAD or other mobile device (two ways)

Download eBooks and audiobooks directly to your mobile device with the free Overdrive Media Console app:

  1. Install the Mobile app from Apple App Store or from Overdrive.
  2. Authorize in Overdrive Media Console:  Go to the app settings and find the authorization section.  Then enter your Adobe ID and password (if you don’t have a password, select “Register at Adobe.com”).
  3. Visit the library’s virtual branch: Use the “Get Books” option in the app and search for a library by name or by zip code.  Then browse for a title, check out with your information, and download the title (the app will automatically open).
  4. Enjoy on your device!


Enjoy eBooks and audiobooks on your mobile device through your computer:

  1. Install Adobe Editions software.
  2. Authorize software by opening  Adobe Digital Editions (The “Setup Assistant” dialog box is displayed).  Then click “Continue” (the activation screen is displayed).  Under “Authorize Computer,” enter the email address and password for your Adobe ID (if you don’t have a password, select “get an Adobe ID”).  Click “Activate”, then click “Finish”.
  3. Visit the library’s virtual branch: First browse for a title, then check out with your information and download the title.
  4.  Transfer to your device:  Adobe Digital Editions with automatically open.  Connect iPad to your computer and follow the prompts to authorize your device.  Drag and drop the eBook to your iPad.  When the transfer is complete, disconnect and enjoy!

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