Entries for our Annual Poetry Contest for Preschoolers – 8th Graders must be submitted to the Library by Friday, April 13th. Entry forms can be picked up at the library or downloaded here.

Winners will be notified by phone, and all winning poems read at our Poetry Contest Cafe on Thursday, April 26th at 6:30pm.

Contest rules are as follows:

  1. Original Creations: All poems must be original creations of the student.


  1. Contestants: Contest is open to all students pre-K through 8th grade. Those who need assistance writing (ex. Pre-writers) are permitted to dictate their poems to an adult to write for them.  The poem must be the child’s own words.


  1. Length and Form: Poems should generally not exceed one page, 2 pages maximum. More than one poem may be submitted by an individual, however ONE POEM PER PAGE please!

Teachers:    Please include a Master List of Poetry Conventions for the poetry forms your students are submitting, to ensure accurate judging. For example:

                      Haiku: about nature; 5/7/5

Limerick: funny; rhythmic pattern with AABBA rhyme

Free Verse: poetic language without set rules

Individuals: Please write on the back of the Entry Form the type of poem you are submitting and the rules to its form. See above for example.             


  1. Entry Forms, Legibility, Heading & Illustrations:

For tracking purposes, each story MUST have an Entry Form stabled to the top of the first page. Poems should be neat and easy to read. Typing is not required.

All poems MUST include a Heading on the top of the first page of the poem:


Illustrations are welcomed, but they cannot be judged and will have no impact on the scoring of a poem.


  1. Awards: All participants will receive a certificate and have their poem displayed at Newfane Public Library for others to read! Winners will receive a small prize and are expected to attend the Poetry Café Celebration on Thursday, April 26th at 6:30pm to read their poem as part of the celebration.


  1. Entries Due: All entries need to be in to Newfane Public Library by Friday, April 13th.


  1. Collecting Your Poem: You may pick up your poem and certificate at the library one week after the Poetry Café Celebration. Poems will be retained up until Memorial Day weekend. Due to volume, they may be discarded afterwards.