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Donations of Materials

Donations of Books, Audiobooks, Movies & Magazines

The library accepts donations of materials – books, audiobooks, movies, magazines –  in good condition, but reserves the right to evaluate and dispose of them in accordance with the criteria applied to purchased materials.


All donations must brought inside when the library is open. DO NOT: drop them off when we are closed, leave them in front of the door, leave them in the parking lot, or put them in the drop box.

The library does not generally accept school textbooks, except when the materials also serve the general public or when they provide information not otherwise available.

The library does not accept outdated encyclopedias or condensed books.

Legal and medical works will be accepted only to the extent that they are useful to the layperson.

Donated items must be in decent physical condition and free of mold and/or mildew.

Donors who wish to use the donation of materials as a tax deduction should notify the library of their intent at the time of their donation so that official acknowledgment of the donation can be made.  The library does not provide evaluations of gifts for tax deductions or other purposes.

Donated materials not chosen for shelving might be distributed to other libraries, sold at one of the seasonal book sales, or discarded.